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Work stress is what employees experience for eight hours a day at their workplace.  If we take into account the time employees take to go to work and return home, the duration of work stress significantly increases. Stressful factors employees experience at work are numerous. They may vary from simple things, such as a work station’s ergonomics, which fill the body with muscular tension resulting in recurrent muscular pain, and they may include more complex situations, such as relations between employees. The problem of acute and persistent back aches that have no physical causes and torment thousands of employees is one of the costliest work related stressful factors. The official cost of work stress amounts to 670 billion euro annually in the EU. Unofficial costs is increased by at least 35%. If work stress costs were reduced by 50%, at least 335 billion euro per year would be saved to better address the current financial crisis. This could be the most important contribution to the solution of this problem. Work stress cost is immense, given it causes the lost of 150 million business days t  be lost in the EU every year, the costs for hospitalization, social security etc aside. 40 million of these business days are lost in England. In order to have a better picture of these figures, let’s suppose that this loss only occurred in the automobile industry. It takes modern automatic automobile industries 3 business days for the construction of a vehicle. Suppose it took 10 days instead. The loss would correspond to a decrease of 15 million vehicles in the European production!! This immense cost aggravates both production and service provision. This acute problem caused the EU great concern, which lead to the establishment of committees and councils for the immediate treatment of work stress, which was named “work business epidemic”. It is known that when a business faces problem, the first thing to do is cut down on expenses. Work stress costs are probably the most absurd and unjustified ones. This problem is not contained within a company. Quite on the contrary, it expands and affects other nations’ national economies. In order to treat work stress, we must start with the people, the employees at all levels of hierarchy.

The first ones to be shielded against work stress are employees, namely the company’s cells. Consequently, companies will be cured of the disease of work stress. When companies are cured, they contribute to the national product more, therefore they contribute to a healthier national economy.

International statistics confirm that the safest and most effective method to control work stress is biofeedback. It is a scientific method that teaches employees to desensitize themselves from stressful factors, since nowadays stress is measurable and can be seen on a computer screen. This doesn’t mean that employees become insensitive; it means that they achieve internal stress control to the point of functioning normally, without the side effects of stress’ various problems. Stress is like fire. When controlled, it can provide multiple benefits. When uncontrolled, it destroys everything. With biofeedback, employees learn to exploit and manage their own resources in the most effective manner. This improves their health and performance levels.

Biofeedback provides not only passive profits due to the improvement of employees’ health level, but also energetic profits due to the increase of their effectiveness. International economic for a tend to agree that biofeedback may be the only palpable and safe tool to recover from financial recession, since it alters the labor model from the unsuccessful profit-centric and costly to the human-centric and more productive. Economies that fail to adjust to the new status quo will be the ones with the least chances to recover from the financial crisis because the crisis accentuates work stress repercussions. A recent poll by the Financial Times showed that absences from work increased by 17% due to the financial crisis. Therefore, this phenomenon is like to take on a domino effect. However, since the biofeedback solution exists, we can be optimistic. After all, every cloud has a silver lining.


- Published in “INSURANCE MARKET” magazine