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What are the golden boys that we hear so much about lately? Why do we always mention them when we discuss financial crisis? Is it because of jealousy for their huge salaries and mythical bonuses, or is it something more essential? Which system bred them and for what reason?

Golden boys are not mushrooms that suddenly appear after the rain. Nor did they maintain their positions in the market without offering something, like parasites.

Some of them are the so called supervisors, namely executives who have studied and mastered the art of mobilizing, urging and activate the staff so it performs best and doesn’t become passive aggressive. They are a business’ guardian angels because without them, the business would be underactive and it would eventually go bankrupt. They have studied long and hard. Their job is hard and they are judged about it on a daily basis via the business’ effectiveness figures. When successful, they become kings. They are highly sought after and their salaries sky rocket. Golden boys were created by the system itself, because obviously, they serve it. They are highly compensated, but the businesses they work in gain multiple profit from their work and success.

When employees believe that only slaves and clocks work, they immediately put themselves in a condition of permanent cognitive stress, which results in their becoming passive and under functioning and the business gradually becoming unproductive, since the employees’ behavior in their workspace is characterized by intense passive aggressiveness.

Passive aggressive employees are those who seem to be very willing and cooperative when they are with their chiefs, but when they are alone they do nothing and they actually inhibit the business’ progress, while setting a bad example for others.

The mentality of some employees who want to be paid as much as possible and work as little as possible is what makes employers hire golden boys to save their business. However, employees eventually end up paying for golden boys, since a large part of the business’ funds goes to golden boys and is probably cut off of employees. The golden boys pyramid can be limited in order for the business to spare many funds which could be paid as bonuses to its employees. What do golden boys do to deserve such generous rewards? Do businesses have money to waste or do golden boys actually offer something?

Golden boys are the ones usually holding the stick and carrot to motivate employees to be productive. But often, they take things too far. Competition is fierce so they sometimes push employees so much that they end up getting sick and collapse. They often set employees up. Biofeedback helps employees work without surveillance and not collapse under the pressure of work stress. Since biofeedback helps employees work with more endurance against stress and perform better, they can demand higher compensations by their employers. They can claim a part of the golden boys’ huge payments, thus making them less necessary to the business. Employees who are conscious about their work and knows how to claim higher remuneration for their services do not need to be held at the stick and carrot.

Will those overqualified managers lose their jobs? Of course not. They will just have to share a substantial part of their fees with the employees, who will be able to rightly claim it anyway since they will contribute to the creation of this profit.

In countries were work ethics are different, once employees pass some specific biofeedback tests and are certifiably able to work unsupervised, their immediately receive a raise that could be as high as double their original salary. Biofeedback stimulates employees’ ability to work unsupervised, which is what golden boys would do at a high cost for their businesses. This way, employees can claim better remuneration and a better position in the company, thus leaving both parties satisfied. A decade ago, biofeedback was a privilege of the golden boys so that they could withstand fierce competition. Nowadays, biofeedback is the employees’ firm demand. They claim it through their unions as a social benefit, especially now that it is funded by the EU. This is actually a matter of change of mentality. Once employees escape the trap of irrational reactions with biofeedback’s aid, they will be able to set their own fair standards on their employers’ negotiations table.


- Published in “INSURANCE MARKET” magazine