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A lot is said about golden boys lately. The Prime Minister himself reported cases of fees of more than 1,300 euro per day for directors of public utilities services and he stated that they will be cut down, not only for the government to save millions per year, but also because this is an outrage for the young employees of the so called “700 euro generation”. Of course, no reasonable person could ever object such a measure. But first, it is essential to clarify how this condition was created in our country and what it actually has to do with the international institution of “golden boys”. What transpires in Greece regarding “golden boys” is but a slur compared to what it is applicable in other competitive and hyper productive economies, especially in the American one. Greek “golden civil servants” are usually the result of customer relations with politicians and they have absolutely nothing in common with the golden boys of the international business world. They are counterfeit golden boys and they should actually be called golden civil servants.

First of all, the actual golden boys are never civil servants, not to mention permanent ones, and they are called this way not only because they earn a lot of money themselves, but also because they create huge profit for the businesses they work in.

Would anyone object golden boys earning 1,300 euro per day if they work methods created profits of 130,000 or 1,300,000 euro per day for the business, namely 100 or 1,000 times their wage? Certainly not. This is the reason why businesses who are looking for dynamic growth are always looking for the golden boy who will make the difference.

Golden boys are managers, special directors, executives, specialized directors, executives who choose and manage a business’ human resources in special ways, people with exotic, modern and effective specialties. They are people who not only spent most of their life getting special education, but they also have special skills which they put to the availability of their company in order to make it golden and justify their good standing and salary. Real golden boys risk their positions in the business every day, because competition is huge and there are hundreds of candidates looking out to take their spot. Real golden boys do not receive any special treatment from their employers. If they don’t fulfill the company targets, which they are aware of, they are immediately fired and somebody else will take their position. Nobody will pay them even minimum wage if they don’t bring the results the company is looking for in net profit and cash flow.

Real golden boys live under conditions of extreme stress and anxiety, which is why they are most affected by the Karoshi syndrome. The Karoshi syndrome is a condition where hyper active 35 to 40 year old managers suddenly collapse and die under unspecified conditions which usually conceal an acute cardiac condition. This happens when the body cannot withstand any more stress and collapses.

Real golden boys are very useful to companies and completely justify their salaries and bonuses, because they earn then and bring back multiple profit for their companies.

Real golden boys have nothing to do with some of their Greek counterparts, the permanent civil servants who just occupy positions with no stress at all, simply sign documents they usually don’t even read and are never interested in how well the “business” is going, since they will never be judged about their performance. The Greek civil sector was never able to find, let alone expel, any of those responsible for a company’s sinking, and it never grasped at the actual notion of golden boys. Some modern politicians seem to understand what golden boys are all about and they seem to be using them correctly when they are looking for specialized executives and colleagues who will help them face day to day challenges in a modern and efficient way, in order to justify the public who is looking for golden results, not just golden words. Otherwise, they may be faced with their own Karoshi syndrome – meaning, they may never get reelected.


- Published in “INSURANCE MARKET” magazine