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Sports Medicine and Music Seminar

YCAN - Sports Medicine and Music Seminar

The Center for Music and Arts Entrepreneurship at Loyola University New Orleans will co-sponsor a performance workshop focusing on common performance and practice injuries by musicians. The presentation will introduce an exciting way to analyze performance habits and attempt to improve quality of life of musicians with the help of a music performance specialist and medical doctor.

Kathleen Riley, music performance and rehabilitation specialist from the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute, and John Chong, M.D., from the Musicians Clinics of Toronto, will introduce the use of biofeedback, a new approach for analyzing and retraining for pianists’ technique.

According to Riley and Chong, this tool can assess technical problems and injuries as well as optimize musicians’ performances.

“The session will explore which body alignment and hand and finger positions are more optimal for students, offer improved practice techniques, and advice on playing painlessly and stress free,” said Riley. “You will build an awareness of how to help students use their bodies more efficiently, creating greater endurance and ease in musical performance.”

The workshop is also sponsored by The Performers Network, the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic, and the Performing Arts Medical Association. The session will feature live demonstrations and analysis of New Orleans pianists David Torkanowsky and Jon Cleary.

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