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Pirandello said “So it is – if you think so”. Quite often, though, things are very different from what we think. Because what we think is the result of a cognitive process that may be only empirical, but has not been scientifically explored.

A cognitive cycle includes the following stages :

1. Gathering cognitive material, namely information, opinions and points of view.

2. Combining the above with your own small or big experience on the subject.

3. Making your own conclusions.

4. Establishing a point of view, a perception or a belief about the matter at hand.

All actions and behaviors regarding this matter will be based on this specific belief. If for example this belief has to do with the operation of satellites, it doesn’t matter if it is right or wrong. But if this belief has to do with how your body works, then it is essential that your belief is correctly and scientifically established. The reason for this necessity is that anything that is established on a mistaken belief about oneself will be ineffective and potentially dangerous.  

If you personal traumatic experience is combined with a disapproving, or even non supporting environment, then you may believe that your limitations and capabilities are significantly less than they actually are. You end up underestimating yourself. The opposite can also occur, causing you to overestimate your potential and limitations, which can also be dangerous in some cases.

It is essential that you have an actual and realistic image of yourself. Having an actual image of events is essential for your every action.

You need to have your company’s actual financial data in order to make future decisions.

You need to have an actual image of your workgroup’s cooperation and relations, in order to improve its performance.

You need to have an actual image of the competition in order to be able to strategically design your course of action.

If you look into things, you will see that everything is based on having an actual, true image which can only be achieved through correct and established information. Any belief about yourself and your abilities needs to be based on correct and established information. Specialists can provide you with general, theoretical and scientific information. However, you are the only person who can provide specific information about the way you function, act and react to everyday conditions. Stressful factors are of the utmost importance, because they clearly showcase your reactions in alarming conditions which call for immediate solutions and adjustments. A specialist aside, you will also need special equipment during that phase, in order to obtain objective information. This way, you will gather the information that constitutes the feedback from your own self. You will be able to know yourself objectively.

This is where the biggest surprises occur. During training, people often tell me that what they thought to be their greatest stress does not in fact stress them out at all, or that they thought that they were over some things which turn out to stress them. This kind of objective information is the most precious tool you can obtain in order to function better and more effectively. This way, you will be probably able to discover a talent that you would otherwise never realize you had, if you didn’t engage in this “conversation” with yourself. The most important factor is that you will gradually stop believing in some handicaps which had a negative effect on your life and drove you to the losers’ side.

Now you know your true potential and what you are able to achieve. You gain back your confidence, you become more effective, more sure of yourself, more creative. And all this doesn’t happen because somebody told you so, but because you achieved it yourself.

It is you who can change your wrong beliefs and show your actual image. A simple example is that of people who have cold and sweaty hands. A patient of mine who experienced this condition used to tell me : “I’ve had this since I was a little girl and it keeps getting worse. Oh well, they say that cold hands mean a warm heart. But when I am stressed out, my hands go completely cold and I need to leave work to pull myself together. This is why I didn’t become the CEO’s assistant, although I wanted it very much and I am very good at my job”. In such cases, it is not bad to gild the pill, but the truth is that this condition is stress related. It appeared during the patient’s school examinations period, which is time stress peaks, causing the wrong impression that it does not change or that it is a disadvantage which the patient had to spend the rest of her life with. The truth, however, is that biofeedback can completely change this. It can normalize the condition, thus making the position of the CEO’s assistant an achievable goal. And is owed to the fact that, quite often, the dictum “So it is – if you think so” is not correct.