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Panic attack tackling

         Panic attacks derive from fear and occur to persons who have an extremely delicate psycho emotional status, as their sore point.  

          A crisis of this disorder begins suddenly, reaches a peak within 10 to 30 minutes approximately and subsides gradually in the coming hours. 

        The mechanism is, simply, a logical sequence of symptoms, where everyone causes the next one. The first stress expression, the fear, raises the sympathetic nervous system totally as following:

        First is the fear, that stimulates adrenaline (epinephrine) release. Adrenaline is a stress hormone, so stress leads to more stress up to a peak called panic attack.

       Second, adrenaline increases heart rate and breath rate.

      Then, we have short breath, dyspnoea and sweating.

       Hyperventilation ensues, that leads to respiratory alkalosis and that results various symptoms as: numbness, dizziness, fainting, the sensation of losing control of the body or mind.

       Adrenaline also causes vasospasm, that also leads to dizziness and fainting.

According to the most official and acceptable classification (the DSM-IV-TR) the main symptoms of a panic attack are the following:

Palpitations or accelerated heart rate


Dizziness, lack of balance, tendency to faint

Numbness, tingling sensation



Flushes or chills

Sensation of insufficient breath and short breath

Chest pain

Feeling of choking


Fear of losing control, fear of insanity

Psychological impasse, uncontrolled fear

Sense of impending death

Fear is a flight response to stress.

           If you suffer from panic attacks your solution is here. In biofeedback training.

         As difficult as it seems this problem to be controlled in any other way, so impressively easy is to be dealt through biofeedback.

And the reason is that, since the sympathetic nervous system arousal is controlled through the biofeedback training, the above mentioned sequence of triggered symptoms, simply, cannot take place any more. This chain breaks on the first link.

         The fact with biofeedback training in the panic attack problem is that the individual can learn easily through the feedback he has from his recordings and monitoring, to adjust to the proper respiration rate and achieve the proper heart rate. Skin conductance training also can prevent fear’s appearance and according to the person’s needs all the biofeedback modalities can be used.

         Scientific research have resulted repeatedly the effectiveness of biofeedback in panic attacks’ problem.

So, panic attacks? No more.

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